Raising for Effective GIving with DFS

REG: DFS is the first of a series of extensions of the Raising for Effective Giving (REG Charity) concept that the Effective Altruism Foundation (EAF) has successfully founded – first for poker, and now for other industries as well. 

REG Charity is a project that raises funding for the most effective charities. REG managed to raise more than $750,000 in the poker industry in the first year of operations, while spending only a tenth of this amount on its own operations.

The Effective Altruism Foundation is a nonprofit based in Basel, Switzerland. We are a team of highly motivated young professionals with years of experience in the nonprofit sector. At EAF, we collaborate with researchers, think tanks and charity evaluators to identify the most effective giving opportunities and allocate more funding towards these interventions.

As we value transparency, we fully disclose the amounts received and the exact allocation to recipient charities. This assures that you get the most impact with your tournament entries - both for yourself, and for the people in need.