Raising for Effective GIving with DFS


REG: DFS launch

We, the team behind Raising for Effective Giving (REG Charity), are excited to announce the launch of REG: DFS. After successfully starting out with poker, raising more than $750,000 for cost-effective charities within the first year after launching and establishing ourselves as a trusted and prize-winning charitable initiative, we’re now branching into other industries to spread the idea of effective giving further.



REG: DFS seeks to promote a new way of thinking about charity: Effective Giving. The idea behind effective giving is to rely on science and rational decision-making in order to find the interventions most effective at reducing suffering in the world. The rationality skills and data-based approach used for maximising expected monetary value in DFS transfer perfectly into maximising the expected impact of charitable donations.

You can support cost-effective charities through DFS by signing up with DFS platforms through our affiliate links (see below), taking the REG: DFS pledge or making a donation. REG: DFS forwards all donations to its list of recommended high-impact charities.

REG: DFS is a project by Raising for Effective Giving (REG Charity). REG Charity seeks to encourage people in various industries and areas to donate a percentage of their winnings or income to cost-effective charities. REG Charity is best known for its success in the poker world, where it has raised more than $750,000 for effective charities in the first year since its launch. 



Take the Pledge

Take the REG: DFS pledge now and commit to donate 2% of your DFS winnings to highly cost-effective charities!


Three steps to social impact

Helping people in need has never been so easy. By signing up to a Fantasy Sports platform through one of REG: DFS's affiliate links, you can convert your Fantasy Sports entry fees into charitable contributions – at no additional cost to you! Once you’ve signed up through our affiliate links, every time you enter a real money contest, the platform forwards a share of your entry fee to REG: DFS. We then transfer the money raised to the most effective charities. Having social impact through playing Daily Fantasy Sports has just become incredibly easy! 

  1. Sign up via our affiliate links for a free account on DraftKings or Fantasy Aces

  2. Enter a real money contest and enjoy the game

  3. At no additional cost to you, a share of the entry fee will be donated to cost-effective charities


Our selected charities

Did you know that some charities are hundreds of times more effective than others when reducing suffering in the world? Thorough scientific research and analysis show that this is indeed the case. We forward the money raised through affiliate revenues to a set of the most cost-effective charities working in high-impact areas.